We live in a nice house in the country side with our dogs as family members. We also have two cats, alpaca and used to have some horses. Our kennel prefix was registrated 1985, it is a mix of my first three English Cocker Spaniels: Sha comes from Moon Shadow -  first puppy bitch we kept from our first litter in -84, ki is from Kissing Baby - my very first Cocker, and ma is from Mamie Blue -  my second Cocker who also started my breeding ground. Today I'm glad about my choice of breed -  the sweetest ever! For me the temperament is the most importent, a Cocker shall be a happy merry dog with a positive attitude and will to please. Since 2010 we also breed Perro De Aqua Español, a merry breed too. Our goal is to continue to breed positive dogs! 

Our little farm

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